The perfect partnership between stainless steel & wood

Exclusivein Champagne

Exceptional piece assembled by hand by our master coopers, the EGGONUM® is a technical feat of ingenuity. Vicard takes fermentation casks to the next level by combining two unique materials; French Oak and Stainless Steel into a single fermenter.


  • Molecular toasting
  • Raw material sorted by tannin potential
  • Removable stainless steel cables, Renewable hull
  • Reusable stainless steel
  • Smooth interior (perfect egg)

Technical characteristics:
Available in 5hL, 10hL and 30hL
Origin: French Oak & border forests
Toasting: Molecular toasting using radiant heat
Option: Raw material sorted by tannin potential using NIRS technology for capacities below 600L

Superior raw materials
Our rigorously selected oak staves are naturally dried for 30 months in our 8-hectare wood yard. Before coopering the EGGONUM®, the oak staves are analytically selected by tannin potential (Vicard Génération 7 technology) and are gradually toasted with our unique molecular toasting process. Our food-grade stainless steel is known for its adaptability and durability.

Absolute marriage
The most incomparable and unique product on the market, the EGGONUM® is a clever blend of stainless steel and French oak. Thanks to the combination of materials, the ovoid benefits from both the microoxygenation inherent in oak and enhanced freshness and fruit from the stainless steel.

Clever strapping
Traditional hoops have been replaced by removable stainless steel cables so after 3-4 fills, the oak staves can be removed and replaced with new wood. With this unique innovation, the life of the product is greatly extended (recommendation: change the staves every 3 to 4 years).

Available in: 5HL, 10HL and 30HL

Œnological interest
The true egg-shape of the cask encourages Brownian motion adding depth, volume and texture to the wine. Research has shown wines made with the lees kept in suspension, have substantially creamier mouthfeel and richness.

Aromatic profile
Stainless steel: freshness, roundness and respect for the fruit.
Wood: complexity, tension and length in the mouth.

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