Vicard cask barrel design

The art of wood, our expertise

Vicard cask barrel design


  • Subtle aromatic impact
  • Designed for winemaking
  • Superior product quality
  • Micro-oxygenation
  • More efficient use of space
Vicard cask barrel design

Special production
Each barrel, tank or Ovonum made by the Vicard Group is a unique, personalized product that meets the specific technical requirements of our clients.

A dedicated research unit
The Vicard Group has formed a team of genuine professionals, dedicated to the production and implementation of these technical and unique products.
Tailor-made products - Technical simulations - 3D Views - Implementation simulations

Casks and Tanks
Qualitative and Resistant
Whether a tank for fermentation or maturation, the Vicard Group remains, to this day, one of the world leaders in the art of large format French oak tank and cask production.


Ergonomic Cask
Easy to use, safe and qualitative

The Ergonomic cask is a cylindrical-conical cask that positions all drain, service valves and bung hole in the front of the cask, enhancing worker safety and efficiency.


  • Working comfort
  • Reduces risk of accidental losses through leaks
  • Solid construction
  • Qualitative: enhanced ease of processing and cleaninge
  • Economical and Ecological: time saver, water conservation

Sitevi 2013: Quote in the Innovation Awards

Sitevi 2013: Quote in the Innovation Awards

A unique creation, signed by Vicard

The OVONUM® is truly a feat of technical expertise. Each OVONUM® is a unique piece hand assembled by our master coopers. A real know-how is necessary to be able to realize this masterpiece of the craft industry.
The OVONUM®’s dimensions align with multiples of the golden ratio. Its cylindrical egg shape, inspired by brownian movement, gives better lees mixing and exchanges between the wine and the wood.
This unique product is also characterized by a great complexity developed during the toasting and ageing processes. Available in 228L and 400L


  • Worker comfort and safety
  • Solid construction, Esthétique
  • Economical and Ecological
  • Brownian movement
  • Contribution of complexity
  • Stainless stell tasting tap with purge mounted on oval flange welded on stainless steel door
  • Delivered on pallet - "ex works" (EXW incoterm)

Exclusive distributor in champagne