Vicard range

Traditionnal barrels

Vicard range

A range built on the selection of grains

The Vicard Group has implemented a selection of grain types (very fine, fine, mid-fine, and open) on the French oak supplies and those from bordering countries. This selection strategy, along with our latest technological tools, allows us to adapt to any specific requests.

One range, four grain families:

  • Prestige :

    Very fine grain < 1,5 mm
  • Distinction :

    Fine grain from 1,5 to 2mm
  • Classique :

    Mid-fine grain from 2 to 3mm
  • Tradition :

    coarse grain > 3mm

Wine makers:
Available capacities: 300 to 600 liters
Equipment : 40mm ø Ball valve, ø 200mm cylindrical hatch
Rack : Galvanized steel, 4-caster rotation, space for lift-truck forks

Available finishes

  • Bourgogne (228L) collection: Bourgogne Transport / Bourgogne Tradition / Bourgogne château
  • Jean Vicard Premium (225 or 228L) - Special Barrel

Long maturation, heated bottoms, laser marking, painted hoops, scraping-method refurbishment
Tannin Potential selection (Vicard Génération 7 technology)


Good to Know:
We offer fully refurbished previously- owned barrels in a range of sizes and ages, complete with a guarantee of cleanliness.


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