Compact and economical, the Bucket
press saves considerable time due to the
bucket rotation system.
Gentle and minimal movement of the
pomace leads to wine separation without
skin abrasion. The amount of generated
solids is minimal.
The wine is collected into a settling tank
below the bucket after draining through
a unique complete bottom drainage
The Bucket-press is suited for wines of
the utmost quality and provides maximal
Cleaning the Bucket press is simple and
300º access.
Capacity : the bucket holds the pomace of
2 tons of red grapes.
One press with 2 buckets has an annual
capacity of 300 to 500 tons of red grapes.

The stainless steel filtrating grid is
ncorporated into the bucket,
optimizing drainage and cleaning

The Bucket concept ::

• safe
• clean
• no downtime
• minimal solids
• 2 tons of red grapes